skill gap analysis

Unlocking Your Organization’s Potential Through Skill Gap Analysis

It’s no secret that the tech industry is facing a skills gap. Tech companies are struggling to find employees with the right skills to fill vacant positions. But there’s a way to close the skill gap: using psychometric assessments from Traitfit. Traitfit’s assessments can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, and …

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employee retention

OCB as a determining factor when retaining the best resources?

Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs) can be defined as voluntary behaviors that are not part of an employee’s job description, but that support the effectiveness and well-being of the organization. Examples of OCBs include helping a coworker who is overwhelmed, covering for a colleague who is out sick, being friendly and proactive, or going the extra …

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HR trends: Pyramid structures Vs Agile organizations

Pyramid structures Vs Agile organizations As opposed to the classic top-down pyramid of power distribution, the business agility model is now picking up pace. According to Mckinsey and company ‘An agile organization comprises a dense network of empowered teams that operate with high standards of alignment, accountability, expertise, transparency, and collaboration. It is the ability …

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Well-Being and its components

Well-Being and its components Psychological wellbeing involves not only the absence of illness but the presence of something positive such as growth, positive relationships, autonomy, purpose, etc. It is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to …

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Employee turnover

The biggest asset of any organization is the human resource. A company’s success lies in its strategy of hiring, managing, and retaining the employees. Proper HR policies and reward systems contribute in attracting potential candidates and hiring the best talent. Nevertheless, companies have to face employee turnover; it is inevitable! Employee churning is a major …

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Technostress management

Workplaces have fundamentally transformed due to digitalization, and working without technology is nearly impossible. Technostress has become one of the biggest causes of negative psychological effects in individuals. Technostress is a term used to describe the adverse effects of technology on individuals. Eye discomfort, shoulder and joint pain, restlessness, spinal tension, migraine, anxiety, being excessively …

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Need of Employee Engagement

Did you know that employees who experience a good level of employee engagement significantly outperform those who do not? Some surprising findings that came up from the surveys conducted by the Gallup organization They found that employees who experience good employee engagement experience – 81% lower absenteeism 64% fewer safety incidents 14% higher productivity 18% …

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Succession Planning

Businesses will be under increasing pressure due to an aging workforce, shrinking talent pool, and increased competition in the years to come. A key element of ensuring the seamless movement of talent within an organization is identifying crucial job skills, knowledge, social relationships, and organizational practices and passing them on to prepare the next generation …

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