Sonai Case Study

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About SONAI Infrastructure -

SONAI Infrastructure is an organization working in the Construction Industry. They are based out of Maharashtra, India. They work on various projects with Railways, Roads, Bridges and Buildings.

Abstract -

In order to develop the skills of its employees, SONAI Infrastructures conducted T&D analyses for personality. Traitfit helped them analyse the personality of their employees. Traitfit’s Personality Assessment was provided to the selected employees and based on their performance on the test, the development areas were identified.
We conducted Training Sessions for their employees where we talk about effective practices to enhance their behavioural skill set.

Let us expand on how this was done.

Challenges -

The major challenges were –

Key Challenges Addressed -

Solutions -

Based on the requirements of the client, we formulated a Personality Inventory for the candidates. The assessment was designed to highlight the characteristics of candidates that are manifested at the workplace.
Following ten traits were included in the Personality Inventory –

  • Task Commitment
  • Verbal Ability
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Psychological Ownership
  • Grit
  • Mental Focus
  • Openness to Change
  • Client Servicing
  • Cognitive Planning
  • Positive Affectivity

Testing -

Assessments were released on the date that was finalised. Highlights of the tests were –

  • Tests conducted online. Accessible on PC, laptops as well as mobile phones.
  • Real-time reports generated with detailed summary and overview results.
  • Asssessments and reports were available in English as well as in Marathi (regional language) to suit a diverse range of participants
  • Included around 120 questions
  After the testing, reports were sent to the participants.

Analysis -

Based on the scores participants received on the Personality Inventory, a group analysis was conducted by our expert psychologists.
We analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the group. The improvement areas and the strengths of the participants were highlighted.
A group report was constructed based on this information and shared with the HR of the organisation. The group report included effective graphs to highlight certain data points and a detailed analysis report.

Training Sessions -

According to the improvement areas identified in the group analysis of the participants, training sessions were formulated accordingly.
Two batches were formed and the sessions were conducted as per the schedule. The training sessions included –
  • Scientific techniques to improve behvaioural and thinking skills at workplace
  • Report explanation and resolving any doubts regarding reports
  • Training the participants and explanation of traits
  • Q&A session

Impact -

he project was a success, the HR team was able to identify the improvement and training areas for its employees from different departments. Training sessions were helpful for the employees to develop practical techniques for certain attributes required at the workplace.

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