Well-being Assessment


Psychological well-being entails more than just the absence of illness; it also entails the presence of something beneficial, such as growth, positive relationships, autonomy, purpose, and so on. It is the experience of being healthy, happy, and prosperous and entails having strong mental health, a high level of life happiness, a feeling of meaning or purpose, and the ability to deal with stress. Traitfit’s Well-Being Assessment seeks to assess an individual’s resilience, adaptability, emotional stability, and positive affect.

Mode: Online | Time: 15 minutes

Some of the competencies measured are:-

Organisational Benefits

  • Aids individuals understand the current standing of their mental health.
  • Assess resilience, adaptability, emotional stability & positive affect.
  • Being aware of one’s mental wellness improves productivity and performance.


Along with efficient tests, Traitfit provides a summary report containing performance records that helps in identifying areas of strength and improvement. Traitfit delivers

Detailed comprehensive reports that contain in-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation which is easy to understand.

Additionally, we provide scientifically derived suggestions and advice for improving all specific traits.
We also provide a specific section for the individual managers, who can mentor and maintain the development programme for each trait.

Traitfit’s Testing Pathway

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