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Traitfit Well-Being Model

Well-being is the experience of health, happiness , and prosperity. It can include good mental health, a high level of life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and the ability to cope with stress. With a wide range of expertise in areas of counseling and psychometric testing, Traitfit offers an holistic Well-being Model.
Enhance well-being levels of your employees through Traitfit Well-being model.
  • An assessment that tracks the well-being index of employees.
  • An efficient measure of sustenance and adaptability – Well-being Assessment. This assessment tracks the well-being index of employees.
  • Well-being counselling sessions that help employees experience greater job satisfaction, engagement at work and lower stress levels.

Well-Being Assessment

The presence or absence of well-being impacts the way we think, feel, behave
Hence, it is important to measure the levels of well-being. Striking features of our Well-being Assessment –

  • Validated online tool to measure mental health and well-being.
  • A brief understanding of Resilience, Positive Affectivity, Emotional Stability and Adaptability. 
  • A reliable way to cater and support your faculty and staff members.
  • Easily accessible with technology support.

Well-Being Counselling

If the employees are better equipped to handle their personal and professional problems, it translates to better productivity and self-confidence. This is exactly what our well-being counselling services do for you!

The best platform to rely on for corporate well-being solutions!

➢ Using Positive Psychology – a newer perspective on improving well-being through identifying strengths and improving on them.
➢ Reliable assessments to understand adaptability, value orientation and employee engagement skills for enhanced quality of work.
➢ Counseling interventions to support assessment and provide further guidance.

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