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Traitfit is the online Psychometric Assessment Platform which offers one of its kind norm referenced Psychometric tests based on American Psychological Association, International Test Commission guidelines. It evaluates from the three areas that are Skill Fitness, Personality Fitness and Culture Fitness.

Acquire, Identify and Manage Talent

Online Competency and Skill Assessments through our easy to use platform.

  • Hundreds of pre-built tests.
  • Over 75 competencies and traits.
  • Benchmarked against 25Industries/Sectors.

These are Standard Psychometric Tests based onguidelines By International Test Commission, USA&American Psychological Association, USA.


Traitfit's products are devided into two parts that is Individual and Corporate.

Employability Skills Assessment

This is screening test for your Employability skills. It evaluates your working skills and attitudes to guide you through your professional career path.

Time: 90 Minutes

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Traitfit Sales Quotient

This assessment is designed to evaluate the aptness of the individual in the area of Sales. The mix of personality, skill and culture fitness levels of individual are assessed.

Time: 60 Minutes

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Traitfit Personality Inventory

This is most sought after personality assessment from the repertoire of Traitfit assessments.

Time: 60 Minutes

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Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own, and other people's emotions.

Time: 30 Minutes

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Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment is designed to evaluate the Leadership qualities in you. It brings to you the erstwhile qualities hidden in you with complete guide on interpretation and self help.

Time: 40 Minutes

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Investor Risk Tolerance

Investor Risk Tolerance test assesses the degree of variability in investment returns that an individual is willing to withstand.

Time: 20 Minutes

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  • Expiry 180 Days
  • Licences 5
  • Bonus Licences 0
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  • Expiry 180 Days
  • Licences 10
  • Bonus Licences 0
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Industry Solutions– Traitfit Model

Features of Traitfit Report

Our reports are lucid, easy to understand and directive

  • Traitfit's reports are very simplified just like it's easy to use dashboards.
  • Each trait and competency is finely presented in the report so that every individual can easily understand the report even though they do not belong to Psychology field. Assessments are based on the guidelines of American Psychological Association and International Test Commission.
  • So, the reports are well analyzed by the experts and the candidate/ organizations get the clear insight about abilities and traits of their employees.
  • It also includes the ways to minimize the weaknesses that individual possesses so, Traitfit goes a step ahead to help individuals and organizations. Reports become more lively as they include charts and tables along with rich content.


  • Nitesh Pandya

    Territory Manager - Distribution , Rest of Maharashtra & Goa
    Axis Asset Management Company Limited

    "Thank You for being part of "Do Your Homework" initiative targeted at parents for their children. Your session on Parenting being part of the entire initiative was very effective, it helped our investors to understand their kids better and helped them ascertain whether they were on the same page with them or not. Your simple and lucid yet powerful message ensured that parents were able to identify areas where they can probably improve to get desired behavior from their kids which was their main cause of concern."

  • Sameer Alone

    Infini Institute of Program Management

    "It is all together a different experience in working with Brainberg in the area of behavioural testing and Employability assessment through traitfit test. Yeah, its working and given good results when we tested it for college students and corporate officials. At infini we are using it in as a tool to check fitness of personality - selection of right employee to check and understand personality attributes, ability and skills. Not only for selection of team mates, but also for selecting good students for PG course, we use this test. If used for tracking performances, one can use it as an appropriate tool of appraisal. It also can be used as a tool for reducing attrition rate."

  • Praveen Kumar Rai

    Sr. General Manager & Head
    Projects (West) Fidesto Projects Private Limited

    "Thanks for conducting and providing assessment results through ‘TraitFit Portal’. This has helped us to understand our Team Members better and we will be able to focus on their specific development needs. In turn it will add in theirs ( Team Member’s ) and company’s productivity."

  • Amit Kumar Banerjee

    Divisional Manager
    Al Tasnim Enterprises LLC, Oman

    "Al Tasnim teamed up with Traitfit for conducting behavioural assessments for it's staff. Traitfit team was extremely prompt in understanding and addressing our project requirements. We had tight timelines to initiate the project and the Traitfit team worked hard to ensure that we meet these timelines. On the assessment front, the competencies and the associated questions have been designed very well. The entire administration and reporting module has been designed very well too.
    Here's wishing all the very best to Traitfit and we are confident of working with them in our future projects."

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