Custom Framework

Traitfit develops custom frameworks based on organisational needs.

Competency Framework

Would a special assessment be beneficial to your organization?

Traitfit helps in recognising your organization’s needs and creating a customized competency framework that works best for your organization. A competency framework facilitates in identifying benchmarks against which the employees/candidates would be assessed. Traitfit’s competencies can assess culture, necessary skills, attitudes, personality traits, values, and domain expertise. Traitfit lets you choose the competencies from it’s extensive repository. A team of experts at Traitfit will design a framework consisting of the selected competencies and the assessment is developed.
The competencies are customizable with regards to questions, test items, occupational roles, and difficulty levels. Organizations benefit from these frameworks because they get a free hand in selecting the behavioural verticals, performance standards, benchmarking, and tailor made assessments.

Survey Framework

Accurate feedback enhances businesses!

Survey Frameworks are generally utilized for the feedback systems. Feedback surveys are essential for organizations to understand the satisfaction of various stakeholders like employees, business partners, and consumers. The survey questionnaire is systematically curated to give a medium to the stakeholders in order to express their suggestions, feedback, requirements, and experiences with the services/ products. Traitfit Survey Frameworks are developed taking into consideration all the stakeholders and all the verticals of the business. Traitft can help businesses and organizations to enhance their services and products by providing them with an appropriate feedback questionnaire. Give your consumers and stakeholders a hassle-free survey experience.

Assessment Centers

Create your organization’s assessment centre!

Traitfit helps in creating independent assessment centres for organizations and institutions. These assessment centres will be operated by the organizations themselves. Traitfit aims to empower the organizations to build their own assessments, create required reports, and train the employees as per the requirements. The Traitfit team will provide the necessary training and facilities for the centres to run independently. Assessment centres give the companies autonomy to conduct assessments anytime and for any position. The flexibility and grip over the end to end testing will be with the organization. The Traitfit team facilitates the overall knowledge transfer and makes sure that the testing experience is user friendly.

Training Framework

Need custom-built training for your employees or managers?

Let Traitfit design it for you!

Traitfit Training Framework identifies the unique areas of potential improvement in your organization. This lets the organization restructure, rebuild, and reform certain processes, systems, working conditions, workforce strategies, HR strategies and business strategies.
Traitfit Training Frameworks are beneficial for industries that have special challenges regarding workforce building, employee satisfaction, HR management, and organizational development.

MSEDCL case study

In order to assess the personality and competencies of their employees, MSEDCL had requirements for a psychometric assessment. Traitfit catered to their needs by providing customized assessments and stress management interventions. More than a thousand employees were analyzed.

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