Motivation Inventory

Test Overview

People frequently wonder what makes it difficult for them to begin or execute activities and projects. Many factors could play a role or explain these issues and one among them is Motivation. Traitfit’s Motivation Inventory assesses an individual’s aptitude and desire to achieve goals and succeed, which is fueled by their own aspirations, desires, and motives.

Mode: Online | Time: 60 minutes

Some of the competencies measured are:-

Organisational Benefits

  • Hiring
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training and Development
  • Team Building
  • Employee Progression
  • Identifying High Potential Candidates
  • Creates winning project teams


Along with efficient tests, Traitfit provides a summary report containing performance records that helps in identifying areas of strength and improvement. Traitfit delivers

Detailed comprehensive reports that contain in-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation which is easy to understand.

Additionally, we provide scientifically derived suggestions and advice for improving all specific traits.
We also provide a specific section for the individual managers, who can mentor and maintain the development programme for each trait.

Traitfit’s Testing Pathway

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