Employee Engagement

Engaged employees help the organization thrive

Engaged employees are those who care about their company and show commendable levels of enthusiasm and dedication towards their work. One of the prominent features of engaged employees is that they feel their efforts make a difference. These employees fuel growth and innovation in an organization. Traitfit’s Employee Engagement Solutions package includes the following three scientifically designed, efficient and reliable assessments that are designed based on the latest research data and are specifically tailored to address the requirements of your company

Employee Engagement Assessment

Motivation Inventory

Occupational Stress Index

Engaged workforce = Productive workforce.

Invest in your company’s most important asset – Employee
The alarming fact is that the levels of employee engagement are dropping rapidly. Is your company facing this problem? Do you think your employees should be more engaged in their work? How to measure employee engagement?
Engaged employees are definitely an asset to any company. To increase employee engagement levels, companies need to come up with effective employee engagement strategies and activities. They need to take the help of employee engagement assessments that will analyze the engagement levels of their employees.

Employee Engagement Assessment

Employee Engagement Assessment will help you dive deeper into certain aspects that lead to Employee Engagement. It will help you assess attributes like – task commitment, mental focus, integrity, value orientation, etc.
Employee engagement assessment will provide valuable input for –

  • Conducting training & development programs
  • Creating an engagement Strategy
  • Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Motivation Inventory

Motivation Inventory measures the most important aspect of employee engagement – motivation. Employee motivation is the key to creating engagement at the workplace. Motivated employees are the backbone of any organization. This assessment will help you analyze the motivation levels of your employees.
Highly motivated employees are likely to –

  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation
  • Have a higher productivity rate
  • Stay longer with the company

Occupational Stress Index

It helps you assess the stress levels of your employees. This will shed light on the stress levels of employees in your company.
Employees experiencing low levels of stress exhibit –

  • Increased levels of productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Greater work engagement

This assessment will help you analyse the barriers to employee engagement (like stress and burnout) and help you make effective decisions based on our expert analysis

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