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Our Employees say it best!


Working with Traitfit was an amazing experience. As an intern I was always guided and nurtured for the best. The staff was very supportive, flexible. I got thorough knowledge about how things work in psychometric assessments. The knowledge and hands on experience will always benefit me. What I miss most about Traitfit and it's culture is- it's supportive staff, the flexibility of organization, and how everyone was treated equally. Content creation, Working collectively on projects, and Team work were the things that liked most about my job. The work culture over all was very good and comfortable. They supported me through out the process as I was completing masters on the other hand. I hope this stays same

Shreya Uplap Assistant Psychologist

Work experience at Traitfit has been very fulfilling. Culture is very warm, agile, and full of learning. The Learning curve was exponential and it definitely helped me a lot in my growth. I have learnt her not to shy away from new things and that every opportunity will teach you something. I miss the day to day work as I loved the work we did at Traitfit. I liked the opportunities and growth here.

Karishma Punjabi Associate Psychologist

Working with Traitfit was great! A very fulfilling work experience. It has a very healthy and growth oriented culture. The learning was immense. I got exposure to a lot of areas that I wasn't experienced in previously. My personal favorite was research. The things that I like most about Traitfit are- cohesion, unity and openness. I liked all the aspects about my job.

Aishwarya Dhopaokar Assistant Psychologist
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