Destress to restore a healthy worklife.

Stress Management Solutions

Traitfit provides a variety of assessment tools in order to evaluate the employees of your organisation. We also provide practical and effective stress management techniques.
Traitfit’s Stress Management Solutions Include:

The Traitfit Occupational Stress Index assesses the effects of stress and the employee's stress management abilities.

Assess the overall well-being of an individual

Based on Daniel Goleman's paradigm of emotional intelligence, Traitfit's Emotional Intelligence Assessment examines the elements of EI.

The Traitfit Stress Index assesses an employee's ability to manage stress as well as the factors that contribute to stress. The evaluation also demonstrates how crucial the employees' stress, anxiety, and depression levels are.

Technostress Management

Technostress Management Solutions curated for employees

Technostress has become one of the biggest causes of negative psychological effects in individuals. Traitfit provides special assessments which measure stress due to technology. Along with this, techniques to manage and cope with technostres in a healthy manner are also provided.

Technostress Management Workshops

We conduct Technostress Management Workshops that aim to-
  • Assist organizations to understand what level of technostress creator is optimal for employees to perform well.
  • Change employees’ perspective towards techno-overload.
  • Help corporates approach techno-overuse as a challenge rather than a hindrance.
  • Help employees feel more in control of their work lives than technology.
  • Aid professionals in learning how to disconnect or detach themselves from tech.
  • Techniques to prevent burnout due to technostress.

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