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Career Enhancement Counselling

Curious to know what Career Enhancement in corporates is?

If yes, take a look at our Traitfit Career Enhancement Counselling service. Our goal is to assist professionals in conducting effective self-analysis in order to make more informed decisions.This ensures ensures effective career growth in their organization as well.

Stress Management Counselling

Manage your stress effectively!

How to manage personal challenges and deal with stress at the workplace is what Traitfit strives to help with. Our expert counsellors specifically focus on providing support through effective coping resources and stress management techniques.

Individual and Group Counselling

Entrusted counselling services

Counsellors at Traitfit are mindful of the context in which the employees work. With our expertise, we facilitate counselling for entry-level and executive-level positions. We also provide individual counselling as well as group counselling for employees facing similar challenges.

Corporate Mental Health

Did somebody say corporate mental health?

Research suggests that mental health problems impact employers and businesses directly. We can see it through increased absenteeism, negative impact on productivity and profits, and even an increase in costs. In addition, they impact employee morale adversely.

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