Case Study

MSEDCL case study

In order to assess the personality and competencies of their employees, MSEDCL had requirements for a psychometric assessment. Traitfit catered to their needs by providing customized assessments and stress management interventions. More than a thousand employees were analyzed.

Sonai Case Study

In order to develop & enhance Personality and Behavioral competencies of their employees, Sonai Infrastructures conducted a T & D program using Traitfit’s assessments. Traitfit analyzed and provided insights on pain areas and provided a detailed training structure to help employees enhance their capabilities.

SBI case study

The Traitfit Team with the help of the Personality Assessments and psychologically interviewing the potential candidates, for the SBI YFI team, was successfully able to identify high potential candidates for the fellowship program. 1000 interviews were conducted virtually with the help of online platforms while the assessments were of the digital nature.

Infini Solutions Case study

Infini is one of top training institutes and the expected calibre of candidates selected for the program is very high. This was infini’s First Candidate Selection Drive – Drive for selecting competent civil engineers for the program. They needed to work with an online assessment system in order to identify these high quality engineers to train them in the specialty areas of Construction Project Management.

Axis Mutual Fund Case Study

Axis MF is one India’s top asset management company. The company feels that the onus of making investors aware of the need and benefits of good investment avenues lies with it. They came up with a concept called ‘Do Your Homework’ for its newly launched child gift fund.

Shivaji University Case study

Shivaji University is one of top state-run university in Maharashtra. They wanted to develop a psychometric assessment for identifying the slow learners and advance learners in the university and device a counselling and intervention program for them. They needed to work with an online assessment system in order to identify these skills sets to train them.

Loop reality Case Study

Loop reality is a Psychometric assessment platform, which work under Psychometric frameworks to help people for various causes like Quality Hire, Build Efficient teams, and to streamline talent assessment strategies. Radhakrishnan, the then president of India.Loop Reality had their own immersive VR model and then they integrated our Psychometric assessments with it.
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