MSEDCL case study

Many companies struggle with conducting Training and Development analysis for a large number of employees. They expect one organization to meet their diverse needs and demands.

This is where Traitfit comes into picture. Traitfit is your go to destination when you need to analyze the human resources of your organization. Traitfit is an online psychometric assessment platform. We provide psychometric assessments designed based on the guidelines of the International Test Commission.

Abstract -

In order to assess the personality and competencies of their employees, MSEDCL had requirements for a psychometric assessment. Traitfit catered to their needs by providing customized assessments and stress management interventions. More than a thousand employees were analyzed. We also provided training sessions where we offered research based effective psychological interventions regarding stress management and personality development. The queries of individual participants were also addressed in these sessions. Value addition was also done through providing written content with effective psychological techniques.

Let us explain how we made it possible.

About MSEDCL -

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) is a Public Company whose objective is to provide electricity throughout the state of Maharashtra. This is considered to be one of the largest power distribution companies in India as well as in the Asian continent. The company is responsible for developing, operating and maintenance of the distribution system for supplying electricity to the consumers.

Challenges -

MSEDCL encountered challenges with helping employees deal effectively with work related stress. They also felt the need to analyze the personality and competencies of their employees

Key Challenges Addressed -

Solutions -

Based on the requirements of the client, three different assessments were customized.

  1. Competency and Personality Test I (for engineers)
  2. Competency and Personality Test II (for executives/officers)
  3. Competency and Personality Test III (for clerks)

 The database was huge and therefore, we segregated the participants into different batches based on regions. Four regions were targeted –

  • Pune
  • Nashik
  • Mumbai
  • Aurangabad

WhatsApp groups were created for easier communication. Various psychological interventions were provided as written content for the participants.

Assessments -

Tests were efficiently conducted online and reports were shared with the participants.

Highlights of the tests were –

  • Tests conducted online. Accessible on PC, laptops as well as mobile phones.
  • Real-time reports generated with detailed summary and overview results.
  • Assessments as well as reports were available in English as well as in Marathi (regional language).
  • Each assessment included around 100 questions.

Training Sessions -

Batch-wise group sessions were conducted where scientific and effective psychological techniques were shared with the participants.
The structure of the session included – Report explanation, Training the participants and Q&A session.

These sessions addressed the skill gap and the sessions were structured based on the scores received by different batches. Specific techniques were taught to the participants which they could apply in their day-to-day life. These techniques aim to improve their productivity and mental health.
Feedback forms were sent to the participants and their valuable feedback was recorded.

Group Analytics -

Group reports of the participants of specific departments were shared with the HR. Through this, the HRs were able to understand the overall analysis of the participants of their department.
After the psychological techniques were shared with the participants, they were given one months’ time to apply these in their life. Then the same assessments were conducted for these participants. This helped us analyze the changes in scores after the interventions were implemented.

Impact -

This entire project helped in the Organizational Development for MSEDCL. For each employee, strong improvement areas were identified. Techniques to improve their scores were provided in the report as well.
The company was also able to form effective Project Teams based on the analysis of the group that was provided through the analytics. By leveraging the personality and competency analysis the organization could leverage the strengths of employees and manage teams accordingly.
The client company was able to reap the benefits by preparing the second line of leadership by developing skills for meeting certain challenges that arise in the organizations. This resulted in Leadership Development and Succession Planning.
The response from participants was tremendous. The feedback on the sessions was overwhelming and positive. The techniques were welcomed with great enthusiasm. The motivational techniques posted on Whatsapp groups were also welcomed.

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