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Traitfit – Using Traitfit Assessments for Investor Awareness Program of

About Axis Mutual Fund.

Axis Mutual Fund or Axis Asset Management Company Limited, provide quality financial and investment solutions which help customers feel financially secure and feel confident of a brighter and prosperous future. The company lays strong emphasis on risk management and planning. Axis MF encourages its investors and partners to take a holistic view which extends beyond mere investing surpluses to investing with an underlying dream, aspiration or goal.

Challenges -

Axis MF is one India’s top asset management company. The company feels that the onus of making investors aware of the need and benefits of good investment avenues lies with it. They came up with a concept called ‘Do Your Homework’ for its newly launched child gift fund.

Key Problems Revolved Around:

  • What to offer the parents to check whether parents and companies ‘Do Your
    Homework’ program on the same page?
  • Were in need of a program to make parents aware of their parenting styles and their
    awareness in shaping the future of the child.
  • How to deliver this program – with time and cost efficiency?
  • How to churn out immediate results?

Solutions -

A) Introduced Online Assessments

Saves time, saves logistics, digital documentation of each potential investor. Axis MF carried out three programs in 3 cities Nashik, Pune and Kolhapur with its IFA’s inviting close to 250 parents for each program- all the parents were assessed for their parenting skills and attitudes. This process helped them to create awareness and reviewed the investor sentiment of the parents for the benefit of the future education of their child.

B) Wide set of Skills used from Traitfit Question Bank

Traitfit’s content team developed custom content to test every ability and personality trait required for the program. Axis MF used Traitfit’s pre-canned question banks on personality and attitudes to test parents (investors).

C) Scalability

Axis Mutual Fund conducted 750+ assessments over the period of a month across 3 cities.

D) Security

With Traitfit’s web proctoring features and proactive ground support, Axis MF could confidently conduct the Investor Awareness Drive across India.

E) Support

Traitfit’s 24×7 strong support team hand held Axis MF representatives from Assessment creation, to testing and to on the ground support.

F) Quick Turn Around

Traitfit’s automated reporting feature enabled Axis Mutual Fund to make on the spot candidate selection decisions – saving many man-week-hours.

G) Power / Network Resume Feature.

Poor college infrastructure was countered by our Power Resume Feature that auto saves candidate’s answers to handle infrastructure issues (Internet, Network, Power outages; System crash, restart)

Impact -

  • Axis MF investor awareness drive was successfully concluded – with more than half
    investor buying the product on the go.
  • Thousands of man hours saved with the help of our automated reports, ready to use
    question banks, remote proctoring.
  • Improved investor relationship by improved investor experience.
  • Lowered follow up cost by filtering high potential investors.

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