Loop Reality Case study

Traitfit – Integrating traitfit’s Psychometric assessments with Loop Reality’s immersive VR model for Loop Reality

About Loop Reality

Loop Reality is a Psychometric assessment platform, which works under Psychometric frameworks to help people for various causes like Quality Hire, Build Efficient teams, and to streamline talent assessment strategies. Radhakrishnan, the then president of India.

What We Built

Loop Reality had their own immersive VR model and then they integrated our Psychometric assessments with it. It was a great pleasure to work with Loop Reality. Other than having an immersive VR model, what we built for them is as follows,

  • We Identified 10 competency (psychological constructs) areas necessary for selection of the
  • A literature review followed by item writing and scaling for these constructs was done.
  • Standard sampling procedures were followed to test the newly formed Assessment.
  • Statistical Analysis was performed on the data collected, to establish Chronbach’s Alpha
    (Reliability Coefficient), Test- retest Reliability, and Validity.
  • Interpretation of scaled scores was done to give away the results.
  • As we are the International Affiliate Member of International Test Commission, all of this
    was done adhering to the guidelines of International Test Commission (ITC) and American
    Psychological Association (APA).
  • There are a few traits which we have identified and worked upon, those are as follows,
  • 1 : Alternating Attention
  • 2 : Divided Attention
  • 3 : Selective Attention
  • 4 : Sustained Attention
  • 5 : Category Flexibility
  • 6 : Information Ordering
  • 7 : Long-term Memory
  • 8 : Working Memory
  • 9 : Arm-hand Steadiness
  • 10 : Dexterity
  • 11 : Rate Control
  • 12 : Reaction Time (Sensory)
  • 13 : Reaction Time (Motor)
  • 14 : Response Orientation
  • 15 : Auditory Attention
  • 16 : Sound Localization


Psychometric assessments have their own utility which is really great in itself. Psychometric Assessments help in many ways when it comes to deciding anything. Talking about corporate, they help to identify traits of candidates and let us know the abilities and interests of those candidates. Traitfit’s assessments give directions on the path of Recruitment and selection, Leadership development and Succession planning, Engagement and retention, Culture building and Forming teams.

Challenges -

Shivaji University is one of top state-run universities in Maharashtra. They wanted to develop a psychometric assessment for identifying the slow learners and advanced learners in the university and devise a counseling and intervention program for them. They needed to work with an online assessment system in order to identify these skill sets to train them.

Key Problems Revolved Around:

Solutions -

A) Introduced Online Assessments

Saves time, saves logistics, digital documentation of each potential investor. Loop Reality integrated our assessments and it gives us pleasure to be able to provide them our assessments which helped them in the area of recruitment and selection, leadership development and succession planning, forming project teams, culture building.

B) Wide set of Skills used from Traitfit Question Bank

Traitfit’s content team used various abilities and traits like leadership, troubleshooting, interpersonal and many more to develop the assessment.Self Confidence, Motivation etc. to test candidates.

D) Scalability

Traitfit’s content team developed custom content to test every ability and personality trait required for the program. SU used Traitfit’s pre-canned question banks on Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Thinking Style, Spatial Reasoning, Leadership Ability,Self Confidence, Motivation etc. to test candidates.

D) Scalability

Loop Reality integrated Traitfit’s test with their VR competency model and they are upselling it.

Impact -

  • Loop reality is successfully upselling the integrated Psychometric assessments with VR model in which Traitfit has played an important role.
  • It’s helping them in many ways like Recruitment and Selection, Leadership and culture building and many more.

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