Academia Solutions

Academia Solutions

With the emerging trends in academia, keeping up with current events and best practices in the area is becoming difficult for teachers and academicians. Academic Institutions often face challenges related to the students’ practical skills and proficiency. Traitfit Academia Solutions contribute to your institute’s success by helping you bridge the constant skills gap between the book and the field!

Soft-Skills Enhancement

Career Counselling Services

Leadership Development Training

ADS Model

We at Traitfit follow the ADS model while delivering our services.

Soft Skills Enhancement

What are Soft Skills?
  • Abilities that go beyond your technical and quantifiable capabilities
  • Skills that are concerned with your social, leadership, communication, and conflict management skills
  • Your interactions with others and maintaining professional relationships.
Along with the Traitfit Psychometric Assessments, our team of professionals assist people in the field of academia in improving the competencies required to thrive in their field. Take a step forward through training in various arenas – emotional intelligence, resilience and many more customised training that upscales your institute!

Career Counselling

It is the best way for schools and colleges to help students by providing career counselling services and mentorship to boost students’ confidence. Which can help their students to achieve their dream goals and benefits organizations to reach organizational goals.

Leadership and Development Training

Traitfit provides academic professionals with training required to create actionable plans for improving students’ learning and development and transforming campus culture. Leadership contributes to –
  • Teacher student engagement.
  • Improved teaching & learning environment .
  • Developing a collaborative academic culture.

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