Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Traitfit has a varied number of assessments that focuses on multiple aspects of well-being and performance.
As an institution or organisation, these assessments can assist you to know your employees in a better way.

Motivation Solutions

Stress Management

Motivation Solutions

Motivation Solutions are techniques that may assist in understanding motivation needs within any organisation. Employees and employers are an integral part of any organisation and their motivation levels have a direct effect on the quality of performance and level of success of the organisation.

Traitfit Motivation Inventory

The Traitfit Motivation Inventory elucidates what drives and inspires a person to effectively engage and thrive at work. One of the major factors which play a role in being able to perform tasks on time and successfully is Motivation. Traitfit Motivation Inventory evaluates the individual’s ability and desire to reach goals and succeed in their life.

Stress Management Solutions

Traitfit’s Stress Management Assessments

The Traitfit Occupational Stress Index assesses the elements that create stress and the employee's stress management abilities.

A significant aspect in determining an organization's long-term success and performance.

The Traitfit Stress Index assesses an employee's ability to manage stress as well as the factors that contribute to stress. The evaluation also demonstrates how crucial the employees' stress, anxiety, and depression levels are.

The assessment would reveal how much pressure the employees are under, as well as how crucial their stress, anxiety, and depression levels are.

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