Learning Agility Assessment

Test Overview

The capacity and willingness to learn from experience and use that learning to perform successfully in new settings is defined as learning agility. Traitfit’s Learning Agility Assessment identifies high-potential, agile learners who enjoy exploring, and pushing boundaries, are naturally self-reflective, and evaluate their experiences objectively.

Mode: Online | Time: 40 minutes

Some of the competencies measured are:-

Organisational Benefits

  • Aids in Succession Planning.
  • Helps make better hiring decisions.
  • Helps identify team Leads and Leaders.
  • Helps identify High Potential Agile Learners.
  • Helps identify incumbent employees who are likely to succeed in international assignments.
  • Can be used adjuncting to team-building exercises.


Along with efficient tests, Traitfit provides a summary report containing performance records that helps in identifying areas of strength and improvement. Traitfit delivers

Detailed comprehensive reports that contain in-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation which is easy to understand.

Additionally, we provide scientifically derived suggestions and advice for improving all specific traits.
We also provide a specific section for the individual managers, who can mentor and maintain the development programme for each trait.

Traitfit’s Testing Pathway

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