Managerial Potential Competency Assessment

Test Overview

Managers are responsible for managing people and teams in organisations and serve as a link between stakeholders and employees. Traitfit’s Managerial Potential Competency Assessment aids organizations select the best-suited managers who are aligned with the organization’s cultural values and capable of making decisions that are consistent with the organization’s goals.

Mode: Online | Time: 60 minutes

Some of the competencies measured are:-

Organisational Benefits

  • Helps in hiring candidates for Managerial Roles
  • Accessing promotions to Managerial Roles
  • Aids Training & Development Programs
  • Helps develop Future-Leadership chain


Along with efficient tests, Traitfit provides a summary report containing performance records that helps in identifying areas of strength and improvement. Traitfit delivers

Detailed comprehensive reports that contain in-depth analysis of the trait and associated interpretation which is easy to understand.

Additionally, we provide scientifically derived suggestions and advice for improving all specific traits.
We also provide a specific section for the individual managers, who can mentor and maintain the development programme for each trait.

Traitfit’s Testing Pathway

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