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With Traitfit’s Sales Hiring Assessment, hire only the best sales rep!

Traitfit is conscious of the major problems faced by companies to hire the perfect sales rep. Varied geographical locations can be one of the biggest obstacles to cross. Sales Hiring is a major issue because for other types of candidates we can assess interest, and skills based on experience etc. However, for Sales candidates, these factors don’t guarantee/assure that the candidate will fit the sales job. Traitit’s Sales Inventory is a reliable and dependable solution that puts an end to these problems.

Make a better business decision with Traitfit’s data-driven sales hiring solution

We at Traitfit help organisations and companies tackle the nightmare -attrition. According to Hubspot, the Sales turnover is nearly three times higher than in any other industry. Correct hiring helps you not just prevent attrition but also is cost-effective. The Sales Inventory, curated carefully by the industry experts and psychometricians, helps you understand the candidate’s Sales Acumen and Behavioral skills. It provides a comprehensive picture to know which candidate is a good culture fit for your organization.

Sales Hiring Assessment

With India’s most acclaimed Sales Inventory, evaluate your candidates, based on factors more than just their qualifications and interview persona. Assess their skills, sales intelligence, and personality fitness.

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