Sonai Case Study

The twenty-first century is not only about technological advancement alone, a greater battle is playing out in the Talent domain. This technology quest is driven by human endeavor. Over the last decade, our understanding of human potential has been further expanded to include the aspects that go beyond the technical skill set. Developing a workforce that is ready to deliver sustainable, eco-friendly and equity based solutions is the need of the hour. Traitfit is your go to destination if you are looking to understand and develop the behavioral competencies of your workforce that can address the business challenges of tomorrow. We are an online psychometric assessment platform offering psychometric solutions for organizations as well as academia. With an array of assessments to suit the diverse range of organizational requirements, the team of psychologists at Traitfit ensures the solutions are scientifically designed and implemented. We are adept at providing customized assessments based on the unique needs of the organization.

About SONAI Infrastructure :

SONAI Infrastructure is an organization working in the Construction Industry. They are based out of Maharashtra, India. They work on various projects with Railways, Roads, Bridges and Buildings. 

Abstract :

In order to develop & enhance Personality and Behavioral competencies of their employees, Sonai Infrastructures conducted a T & D program using Traitfit’s assessments. Traitfit analyzed and provided insights on pain areas and provided a detailed training structure to help employees enhance their capabilities. Traitfit’s Personality Assessment was used as a screening tool to identify the probable area of concerns. It was followed by a series of Training Sessions for their employees where strategic interventions were carried out and monitored to ensure lasting results. Let us expand on how this was done.

Challenges :

Following were the Key Challenges addressed:

  • Identifying the employee performance in Key Behavioral Competencies.
  • Working out a detailed intervention plan to address the training needs.


A number of challenging areas were listed after a thorough discussion with the Sonai Infrastructure team. The solution suggested to address the problem areas was reviewed and according to the devised strategy, the plan of the program for assessment and the following training sessions was rolled out.

Solution provided :

Based on the requirements of the client, the assessment Personality Inventory was provided to the participants to measure the personality and behavioral attributes essential at the workplace. Following were some of the competencies included in the Personality Inventory –
  • Achievement Motivation
  • Psychological Ownership
  • Grit
  • Openness to Change
  • Client Servicing
  • Cognitive Planning
  • Positive Affectivity
The test administration was conducted online resolving the challenge of providing assessments remotely to the on-site employees. Assessment was accessible on Mobile phones along with PC, Laptops, and tablets. The easy-to-understand reports generated in real-time were made available in English as well as in Marathi (regional language) to suit a diverse range of participants, also accessible remotely from any device on their email IDs.


  • Through individual reports we provided personalized actionable insights regarding the strength areas and areas that needed improvement.
  • Organizational level reports were provided to facilitate macro level analysis of the Behavioral competencies to reflect on the underlying cultural factors. 
  • A series of Training sessions were conducted to detail out the strategic interventions and practices to bring up the overall performance of the employees in the required areas.

Impact :

The project was extremely beneficial for the staff participating in the program, according to the Sonai Infrastructure Team. The HR team was able to identify and accordingly plan the training for the employees in association with Traitfit. The training sessions were found to be helpful to develop essential personality and behavioral competencies with consistent practice. The inclusion of psychometric assessment in the training initiatives proved to be quite effective.

The project was a success, the HR team was able to identify the improvement and training areas for its employees from different departments. Training sessions were helpful for the employees to develop practical techniques for certain attributes required at the workplace.

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