Training Needs Solutions

Trace Your Employee's Learning Needs, Invest in Future!

Take up a systematic investigation of the skill and efficiency levels of your employees and analyze the gaps in training and development at different levels in your organization.

Traitfit offers the following training needs solutions -

Training Needs Analysis Solutions

Training and Development Services

Training Needs Solutions


Your search ends here! Traitfit offers a complete package of structured Training Need Analysis along with a range of essential training and workshops and what’s more, we offer customisations.

What makes us unique?

Our varied ranges of clusters measure around 40 competencies (confirm number) in __ clusters. Our TNA questionnaires are made by a team of skilled psychologists and our clusters are logically designed by our qualified psychometricians to produce reliable and accurate TNA tools.

We believe each organization is unique and so are their needs. Traitfit allows customizations in building tests, where the organizations have the facility to choose from our range of clusters and our psychometricians bind them together into reliable tests to suit the organization’s needs.

Competencies are behavioural characteristics, skills, or knowledge that an individual possesses that aid him to do a job.Our clusters are intricately designed to measure core competencies like Motivation, Self-confidence, Conflict Resolution styles, Thinking styles, Emotional Stability, Effective Communication, etc.

We help you analyze your current training methodologies and provide recommendations to make them better to provide effective results.

Training & Development Services

Traitfit brings you a variety of training modules to develop your employees’ key competencies, in addition to a holistic knowledge of your training needs.
Our diverse team of certified psychologists conduct courses and offers training and support.

Training and Development services offered by Traitfit include

Who better than a psychologist to find out the roots of motivation? Utilize your employees’ potential to the fullest. Find out what motivates you individually as well as techniques to enhance the motivational skills of your team and get motivation levels and styles analysed.
- Find out what motivates you individually and learn the art of self-motivation
- Explore the link between leadership styles and motivation levels.
- Learn techniques to enhance the motivational skills of your team.

Develop your employees’ personal & interpersonal skills. Conduct a systematic analysis of which exact soft skills need improvement. Build a harmonious culture by training your employees in essential areas like-

  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time-Management

Trace the dynamics of your group and learn ways to build effective workplace relationships and a cohesive space to focus on your team goals.

  • Customized services based on the analysis of the characteristics of your groups.
  • Design an activity list for your team to engage online and offline.
  • A range of activities from ice-breakers to head-scratchers that will focus on team bonding, creative problem solving, communication and much more

Building leadership skills is a long and evolving process. It is not an exam to qualify but art to master. Tailored by Psychologists, these modules are designed to instill accountability and drive change. Traitfit provides a range of services to fit your organizational needs from:

  • Modules to understand leadership styles.
  • Fun sessions of interesting leadership activities to sharpen your abilities
  • Solutions to employ leadership competencies

Preparing the best cover for your books. Build a strong foundation in corporate etiquette to hack the impression game!
Image is not only about looks but also confidence, presence, body language, communication and etiquette.

  • Train your representatives to present their best selves.
  • Align your employees' presence with your company’s culture.
  • Plan dress code policies effectively to suit your desired corporate image

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