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What is workplace culture, and how can you enhance it in your organisation?

Workplace culture is the foundation of a happy and satisfied workforce. It informs employees on the habits, expectations, and critical topics that are part of the company’s present environment. Or in simple terms, it is simply the attitude and the work culture of the company.
Organisations with a positive workplace culture tend to have better productivity along with many other benefits. Despite there being an assumption that stress and pressure encourage employees to perform better at the workplace, the reality is that such an environment only results in higher absenteeism, lower productivity and poor mental and physical health of the employees.
Work culture develops naturally within every organisation and is reflected in customer interaction, employee engagement, and even the type of candidates interested in working for your organisation. Hence, creating a motivating work environment and fostering good workplace culture offers various benefits for an organisation. A positive work culture increases productivity, reduces turnover, improves employee engagement, aids recruitment, and also enhances job satisfaction.
Some ways to improve workplace culture:

Effective Communication

Good and clear communication is the key to avoiding any conflicts and having a healthy and harmonious workforce. All employees understand the company’s goals and how they contribute to them when communication is effective. They understand how to work within the organisation and what the organisation expects of them. Managers should be available to aid the employees and effectively communicate expectations, and goals and also provide feedback on employees’ performance.

Strong Purpose & Authenticity

A strong sense of purpose and fundamental values are essential for a company’s longevity and success. Employees must feel a part of the organisation, and strong core values provide employees with a clear purpose for their job. With the youth emphasizing meaning above money, it is critical that the company is purpose-driven and has a set of values in which they can believe.

Opportunities for Growth

Employees are more likely to enjoy a work environment that allows them to develop their talents, explore their interests, and grow – both personally and professionally. Having a work environment that allows people to develop is substantially more effective than organisations that keep employees at the same level. Employee growth opportunities can be provided by establishing on-the-job training programmes and setting clear targets for employees to achieve advancements and bonuses.

Morale Boosting & Reward System

Recognising outstanding deeds is a great way to raise morale and increase staff engagement. Making sure to acknowledge and reward employees can help with employee retention since they will feel appreciated and that they are making a positive contribution to the organisation. Although frequently encouraging and verbally thanking employees is beneficial, a formal reward system in place to deliver rewards to employees is more effective.

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