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As our human nature has its origins in the animal world, with the basic law of “survival of the fittest”, it was not a shock to see how quick we were to easily adapt to the pandemic. One can also see how hard we are trying to go back to normal barring a few changes obviously! The same law applies even for the Industrial and organisational environment where only the companies who can bend and adapt to the new changing trends will survive and flourish. In today’s time where so many companies and businesses are shutting down, the ones with remarkable HR strategies and deep psychological understanding can float above. Here are 5 emerging trends to help you understanding the new normal and how to

help your company sustain:-

1) More focus on Mental Health -

This pandemic made even the strong minded and tough hearted people weak in the knees. With half the Indian population facing psychological impacts of Covid-19, studies also show that 40% of the population reported poor sleep quality and 60% reported high levels of stress. Due to this companies and their HR’s grew more empathetic and understanding rather than being more logical and rational. This improved the overall well being of employees

2) Work from home-

While going for work physically became impossible, many companies started a work from home concept so that the company’s growth and finance is not further hampered. This, like any other policy, has pros and cons. For some, productivity increased 10 fold and seeing this many companies have adopted this new way of working and also given their employees an option of working at home permanently. All of this requiring less rigid schedules and the changed dynamics of employee engagement

3) Training for company resilience -

The coronavirus pandemic shook the world and its normal functioning. Companies never made strategies for being able to withstand such setbacks and always built on efficiency with no flexibility. Now everyone is forced to design systems and policies which make the company more malleable to major changes hence improving resilience. Companies are getting stronger and better at managing risks

4) Entering the digital world-

From the smallest of meetings to recruitment and selection all the functionalities are now taking place online. Traditional conference rooms are being swapped with virtual platforms such as zoom and Google meet etc; face to face interviews are being replaced with interviews from across the screen and video interviews. Company parties and festivals are also being celebrated from the comfort of one’s own home. Marketing and advertising has taken an online turn as the production of newspapers, journals, magazines etc has significantly reduced.

5) Hirings with no geographical boundaries-

Companies are now open to hire employees even if they are not in the same city, state, country or even the same continent!! This is due to the new work from home blessing in disguise, where employees sitting 7 seas apart can work for a company in India without having to migrate.

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