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2 years since COVID-19 stormed in, leaving a lot of ‘normal’ functionalities immobilized where one of the most incognito effects that creeped on us was its impact on mental health. With being confined to four walls to eat, sleep and WORK, to a surge of technologies with their paradox of boon, and the impending economic stress. With communication becoming multi-layered where instead of thinking and speaking, one has to ‘think-type-read-send’. It has become evident that there has been a severe decline in mental health and well-being.
McKinsey & Company conducted a national survey of around 1000 employers in the US stating that 9/10 raised a concern about mental and behavioral health affecting Productivity.
7/10 made efforts to work on mental health concerns of the employees making it one of the most sought-after trends in the field. It is no Greek that poor mental health will result in lower motivation and plunging productivity rates.
We at Traitfit offer a range of solutions and intervention services. Equip yourself to track the well-being index with our highly reliable assessments made by skilled psychometricians measuring well-being, emotional intelligence and stress. Avail specialized intervention services tailored by our team of qualified counselors as well as positive psychologists.

Join us as we strive with an aim of ‘mental well-being for all’.


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